Honest home made food

Honest home made food

Pouttu is an experienced expert of honest home made food. All our products are made with fair Finnish labour with experience of three generations.

Are you ready for a change

Are you ready for a change

Whether or not it´s here. Here at Pouttu we have developed a range of meat like plant-based products that are designed for meat lovers. Muu makes meatless meaty delicious. Muu is just like meat.

Pouttu Nopeat product range makes cooking surprisingly easy. When cooking is easy you have time for things that really matter. Get to know the products and recipes.

Honest food

Pouttu is known from classics, especially Kannuswursti and Ryynimakkara. Weekdays are saved by fast and easy to use stripes and cubes. Our main ingredient is high quality and responsibly produced pork. Get to know products and find your favourites.


Kannuswursti burger

Kannuswursti goes perfectly in a burger!

80 years of experience

Pouttu was founded in Kannus in 1938. We are proud of our know-how, high quality products and tradition.