Pouttu´s head quarter and factory have always located in Kannus, Central Ostrobthnia, which we are proud of. Pouttu has over 200 employees and both the classic and innovative new plant-based products are known widely.


Pouttu was founded in 1938 when Yrjö Pouttu, an apprentice for a local slaughterhouse, started his own business. After the war Yrjö and his wife Alvi got help for the family business fom their three sons Arvo, Jorma and Kauko, who were all familiar with the business from an early age.

In the beginning of the 60’s the company built their own slaughterhouse and from that on the premises was developed further in the 70’s. Both 80’s and 90’s were a time of growth for the company in Finland and also abroad.

In the new millennium a lot has changed but the principles are still the same. The name Pouttu has always been associated with a strong knowledge of the meat industry, Finnish work ethics and appreciation of localness.