Swift omelet


100 g Pouttu Nopeat Cured ham cubes
5 asparagus buttons
1 spring onion
2 leafs parsley
4 cherry tomatoes
20 grams cheese
4 eggs
4 tsp water
1 tbsp vegetable oil
black pepper

Fry the cured ham cubes in a pan with vegetable oil and add the asparagus buttons. Fry as long as the buttons are cooked. Move the fried ham and asparagus buttons a side from the pan into a dish. Brake the eggs in a separate bowl and break the texture with a whisk. Add water, salt and black pepper to the eggs. Heat up the pan, add vegetable oil and the eggs. Mix with a spatula until the mixture starts to coagulate. Add the fried ham and asparagus and tomatoes. Let the omelet set for 2 minutes in a low heat pan. Move the omelet into a plate and finish with chopped parsley, spring onion ja cheese.

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